The Friends of the Cemetery held its first meeting at the Spring Grove chapel on November 23, 1997. We organized work days, developed a brochure, began publication of a semi-annual newsletter, and sponsored historical walks in the cemetery. We solicited funding from charitable foundations and community groups and in early 1999, became a 501(c) 3 non-profit. We have been benefactors of generous gifts from local charitable foundations and the Estate of Edward C. Mears. These contributions, along with the support of our membership, allowed us to accomplish the goals set forth in the 1997 Spring Grove Master Plan and we are now working on the 2018 Spring Grove Master Plan.

Members of the Friends of the Cemetery include Medina residents as well as folks living in other parts of the U.S. and the world. Many of these have family and friends buried at Spring Grove and Old Town and want to ensure that the resting place for their loved ones is preserved and maintained. Others are interested in Medina’s history and genealogy and see the cemeteries as repositories of Medina’s past. Still others enjoy the cemeteries for the beautiful open green space they offer for walking, jogging, gardening and nature. We welcome any one who has an interest in the perpetuation and conservation of Medina’s historic cemeteries.