Spring Grove Arboretum

Spring Grove Cemetery was awarded Level II Accreditation by the ArbNet Arboretum Accreditation Program and is now recognized as an arboretum in the Morton Register of Arboreta, a database of the world’s arboreta and gardens. As the first and only arboretum in Medina County, our community is greatly enhanced by this prestigious designation.  The mission of Spring Grove Arboretum is to provide public access to green space in a portion of Medina’s urban forest through outreach and education of the historical and cultural importance and preservation of its valuable trees, shrubs and woody plants.
The arboretum is the result of a partnership between the Friends of the Cemetery and the City of Medina that spans over two decades of maintaining, preserving and planting trees and developing gardens at Spring Grove.  We have over 600 trees in our collection of which are 80+ species.  We have plans of reaching 100 species in the near future.  Each tree in our collection has been documented in the 2020 Spring Grove Cemetery Tree Inventory and Management Plan (view the Spring Grove Arborscope Tree Survey below).  Informative signage has been installed at 62 species of trees at Spring Grove.  
Spring Grove Cemetery grounds are open to the public every day and the public is encouraged to use the grounds for exercise, bird and wildlife watching, relaxation, reflection and, of course, to enjoy the beauty of the arboretum.

View Spring Grove Arborscope Tree Survey

Arboretum Gallery

The Friends collaborated with Medina City Schools to produce a video at Spring Grove Arboretum for the 3rd graders in the district who recieved tree seedings from the Kiwanis for Arbor Day.